Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Repeal Bill

Last night's Repeal Bill, regarding the EU, passed through the House of Commons with a happy majority for Theresa May.

This just proves how incompetent, and pathetic the Labour still are.

The fact that even with the many knives lined up for her back, Theresa May still manages to get her MPs to vote in line with her, and how 7 Labour MPs don't really care for what Jeremy Corbyn is trying to set out.

One of the seven MPs who defied Corbyn was non-other than the Beast of Bolstover, Dennis Skinner. He vote WITH the government, and AGAINST long term friend, and boss Jeremy Corbyn.

Why? Because unlike Corbyn he has stuck to his principles. Skinner has been against the EU for decades, and just because Corbyn is a turncoat, doesn't mean he has to be.

So no I don't believe a staucn Brexiteer like Skinner went against Corbyn, instead he voted with integrity, unlike Corbyn the turncoat.

Looks like Corbyn and his so called "unified" party are anything but, and the power he desperately wants to grab is still far out of reach..... thankfully!

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