Thursday, 31 August 2017

20 Years On

As we all know, Diana, Princess of Wales, tragically died in a car crash 20 years ago today.

I was only seven, nearly 8 at the time, I remember my nan, and my mum watching the news all day, in utter shock.

I remember seeing people crying outside Buckingham Palace, and Kensington Palace, whilst the hoards of cellophane wrapped flowers grew and grew.

I even remember crying during the funeral because the music made me sad.

I also remember the mood of the public towards the royal family, and I as I look back, I am ashamed of us as a nation.

We bayed for the royals tears, not blood, but tears. We demanded the Queen publicly mourned, we demanded two young boys, who've just lost their mother, cry in front of us.

Basically, I believe, we as a nation, took away the right for the two teenagers to grieve the loss of their mother in private.

Imagine you've just lost your mum, and suddenly the press and the a nation want your grandmother for themselves? Want you to cry your tears in front of them?

You'd be angry, you'd say no. But they didn't, they gave us what we wanted, not what they needed.

How disgusting of us to take away that right from them. I don't believe Diana herself would have wanted her boys to be publicly sort after like that.

Even now we're still demanding to hear how they feel about their mother, about their grief, if they're over it.

So as a nation I believe we owe the Royal family, especially Princes William, and Harry, an apology, because we were selfish, we took away their rights to grieve as we all do ourselves, in private.

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