Wednesday, 27 September 2017


What an utter shambles the Labour party are.

Firstly they're cocky, they're acting like the Tories did in 2015, and look where that has got them? A larger vote share, but smaller amount of MP's.

Labour are walking around like they won the 2017 general election, which is far from the truth. They lost, and they lost by quite a bit, they're ignoring the fact that Theresa May won a far greater share of the vote, 43%, something Blair and Thatcher would have killed for.

Secondly, the amount of bullying going on is disgusting.

1. Laura Kuensberg, a BBC journalist, has had to take a bodyguard with her because of the amount of death, rape and other threats she has received from Labour Party members.

Where's the outrage from the "decent" members of the party? Why would you want to be associated with people who cannot abide the fact that there are people who disagree with them?

Also where is Jeremy Corbyn's condemnation of such abhorrent behaviour? He's said a few measly words, but they were as believable as his speech for remaining in the EU.

2. Anti-Semitism is still rife within the Labour Party. People have been openly talking about denying the Holocaust ever happened. Using attacks on the Israeli leadership, or even "free speech" to spew their anti-Semitic views.

What's ironic about this is, people like Corbynista Owen Jones, will say that using free speech to have a priest who doesn't agree with gay marriage is an "abuse of free speech." So surely he'll be writing about how using the alias "free speech" is also abuse to view your racist views? Possibly not, the man is a consistent as a Arsenal's winning streak.

This conference has just proven what a pathetic, wannabe, clique the Labour party has turned into.

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