Saturday, 17 June 2017

Labour's Reaction To The Grenfell Disaster Shows The Depths Of Their Depravity

We don't even know how many have died from the Grenfell Tower disaster yet, and already Labour have tried to make political gains out of their deaths.

What a vile, disgusting, self-centred thing to do, capitalising on deaths of innocence.

Labour seems to know no bounds, there are no depths of depravity they will stoop to.

Yes Theresa May has questions to answer, but so does every single area with a tower block, that includes Lib Dem and Labour constituency's.

I am utterly disgusted at all political parties at the moment, Tories with misreading the public, and buggering up what should have a whitewash of a general election, and Labour with their depths of depravity.

Think about it, Labour are NOT showing compassion, they are showing that they're still campaigning and are trying to use this awful disaster for their political gain...... sickening.

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