Sunday, 4 June 2017

Labour Will See Britain Fall

People try to have ago at Theresa May for her time as Home Secretary, despite the fact she did more in 6 years than any Labour Home Secretary did in 13 years.

Hate preachers such as Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa under Labour were protected, Theresa May deported them.

Gary McKinnon, an aspergers sufferer who managed to hack into the American Intelligence files, would have been deported to the USA under Labour, Theresa May saved his life, as it was very clear that had he have been deported he would have taken his own life.

Firstly Corbyn recently said that "I am not happy with the shoot to kill policy." After three attacks in Britain, is this the type of leader we need?

Corbyn also proudly announce in 2011 that he had voted against every single anti-terror legislation since he became an MP in 1983.

Reminder that all the hackings, such as the hacking of murdered teenager Milly Dowler phone, happened under a Labour government.

Labour had 13 years to set up an inquiry to get the truth about what truly happened at Hillsborough, instead it was a Tory lead coalition government.

Labour started the war in Iraq on false pretences, and as the Chilcot Inquiry heard, there were other avenues that Labour could have gone down, yet failed to.

Labour sold our gold reserve for its lowest ever value. How? Because the then Chancellor decided to announce it before selling it, allowing the price to drop to ridiculous levels.

Every single Labour government that has ever been has left unemployment higher than when it entered office.

Corbyn, and two of his Shadow Cabinet members (McDonnell Shad Chancellor, & Abbott Shad Home Secretary) supported the IRA cause, with McDonnell claiming that "it's about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table."

Diane Abbott said "A defeat in Northern Ireland would be a defeat indeed."

Corbyn himself stood for minutes silence for 8 dead IRA would be bombers. Although he trying to re-write history and say it was a ceremony remembering everyone killed. This is a lie.

Another lie Corbyn spews is how he never met any members of the IRA in the 80's, here he is with his IRA leader friend.

Jeremy Corbyn also described terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah as friends. Whether this was just left wing terminology or not, saying this is an insult to all who have been maimed and murdered at the hands of these barbarians. He invited them for a chat in parliament, fat lot of good that's done....

Jeremy Corbyn would also give the Falkland Islands to Argentina, despite the Falklander's, only a few years ago, voting in overwhelming support to stay part of the UK. Out of a possible 1516 votes, 1513 people voted for, 3 voted against. Proof Corbyn has no regard for democracy.

Another example for how Corbyn has no regard for democracy, if there is a hung parliament he'd rely on the Liberal Democrats, who want to overturn the votes of 17.5 million people, and stay within the EU. As well as sidling up to the Britain hating SNP.

Corbyn has also voted against his own party over 500 times, if he can't be loyal to his own party, how on earth could he be loyal to Britain?

He "campaigned" for Britain to remain within the EU, despite decades of campaigning against the EU. Here he is saying what he really feels about the EU.

Conservatives have seen unemployment drop, raised tax free allowance for the lowest paid, if you're earning £12k a year, you now take home £11,500 under Labour you took home just under half of that.

Conservatives have also raised the minimum wage, police budget, spending on NHS, transport, defence, and education.

It always takes a Conservative government to make the difficult decisions such as austerity measures, because Labour have not budgeted correctly. Hence the IFS damning review of their manifesto, claiming it would do more harm to Britain than good.

So on Thursday, vote Conservative, it's the only safe choice.

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