Friday, 16 June 2017

Grenfell Tower Lessons

Quite rightly people are angry, and demanding answers, and justice for the fire that has killed God knows how many people, and taken away the homes, and possessions people had.

However, for those of you who think it is wise, funny, and clever to try and take over this protest, and I don't normally stand up for protests, by beating up cameramen, and causing havoc, you are taking away from the cause of why people are there in the first place.

Yes, Theresa May, and even the Labour Party, have a lot to answer for, as it seems to me saving on spending, versus people lives, was more important.

This is disgusting, vile, and downright Dickensian.

This is something you'd expect to hear about when Queen Victoria was on the throne, not something we should hear about in the 21st Century.

Yes protest, yes demand answers, yes be angry, because without anger no change can be made, and I've always said, anger is a dangerous emotion to play with, because thats when things start to happen, and usually the people at the top are public enemy number one, and for the enemy is not only the Tories, but Labour too.

Both parties have failed in making sure that lives have been put first, both parties have made sure that their paymasters are happy, not the voters that get them where they are in the first place.

Both parties need to take a long hard look at themselves, and realise people won't, and don't, take these completely preventable atrocities lying down, and quite rightly.

Things need to change, party politics needs to change, both parties need to remind themselves that the real paymasters of their success are us, the voters, the everyday Joe's who go to work, pay our taxes, fund their spending habits.

Grenfell needs to be a bloody well tough lesson to all politicians, life will not go down without a fight. You've awoken the monster, you now deal with it.

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