Sunday, 21 May 2017

What A Shambles!

I am not a Jeremy Corbyn fan, however I always used to say, and believe that at least you knew where you stood with him.

That's until today.

Apparently Corbyn has said if he is elected Britain will keep Trident, our nuclear deterrent, despite decades of campaigning for Britain to get rid of it.

Corbyn also refused to condemn the IRA 5 times today, with an interview with Sophy Ridge on Sky News, you can watch the full interview here, instead he said bombs on all sides were wrong.

Yes, they are, however the IRA made up for 60% of all bombs that were dropped, what he failed to condemn were the shootings, such as Jean McConville, who was kidnapped, shot and buried in a secret location by the IRA.

Also his stance on the EU last year was another U-turn the Labour leader has committed too, again after decades of campaigning against the undemocratic EU, he suddenly had a change of hearts of campaigned for us to remain.

Jeremy Corbyn is meant to be a man of principles, from what I can see he's a man who'll do anything to hold to power.

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