Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Don't Be Fooled

Jeremy Corbyn is planning some nice looking policies, but that's all they are, nice looking, they'll damage the economy, jobs, and prices will rise even further.

Here he is screaming about the debt the Tories have put on the economy, despite the fact that he straight away wants to add a minimum of £503bn, that's half a trillion pounds minimum, and straight away.

Who'll pay for that? You will, yes and the rich but they can't pay for everything, therefore taxes on you will have to rise, meaning while the cost of living rises, the government takes more of your hard earned money away from you to spend on how they want.

Remember the Tories raised tax allowance to £11,500, which means if you're earning £12k per annum, you're only being taxed for £500 for a whole year, you are taking home nearly every single bit you earn.

Labour want to take your earnings away from you to pay for their ideologies.

No the rich won't stay to be taxed, why would they?

There is plenty of evidence to prove Labour's new policies don't benefit those of who it is supposed to.

Just look at the Soviet Union, no freedom, starvation (which at one point led to people turning to cannibalism  to survive), bad health, bad education, and ended up with one Soviet leader overseeing the deaths of around 39-52 million people.

That leader was Josef Stalin, who had gulags (basically copied the idea of concentration camps from the newly defeated Hitler), and who the Shadow Chancellor also admires and has spoken at many rallies with Stalin's face being proudly shown.

Also Corbyn himself is no angel, his history shows that he supported the IRA, John McDonnell (Shad Chance) thought that the terrorists who killed scores of innocence, should have been rewarded.

Recently Jeremy Corbyn refused to condemn the IRA, and put the phone down instead of answering the question, 5-6 times! You can listen here.

As for those who are trying to re-write history and say he was there for peace talks, and talking bulls*t and it stinks.

Also calling homophobic, women hating Hamas and Hezbollah friends and inviting them for talks to parliament.

Jeremy isn't a peaceful guy, he also has spoken at many rallies where banners, and posters of violence were also being proudly displayed, he never said a word against them.

Another problem Corbyn and his far left wing team have is anti-Semitism.

Last year Corbyn appointed Shami Chakribarti to do a inquiry into anti-Semitism in Labour, thanks to Ken (can't help but mention Hitler) Livingstone proclaimed that Hitler was a Zionist, despite the fact that the German dictator oversaw the deaths of 6 million jews.

During the press statement of the conclusion into the inquiry Ruth Smeeth, a Jewish Labour MP, found herself receiving anti-Semitic abuse from a Corbynista, what did Corbyn do? Nothing.

What did Corbyn do when the bully openly in front of cameras told Corbyn of his proud achievement? Absolutely nothing.

Let alone the fact that Corbyn has had over 18 months of being Labour leader, and hasn't been able to unify his party, as he promised he would do when first elected.

How on earth can he sort out a country?

Another problem he faces? His Shadow Chancellor doesn't know what Britain's deficit is, he had to be handed a piece of paper to answer a simple question by BBC's Nick Robinson.

Then there's Diane Abbott, who claims it would cost £80m a year to fund 10,000 extra policemen and women, which adds up to £8,000 per man.... not exactly living wage.

Why on earth would anyone in their right mind vote such incompetency, hatred, and ignorance to lead our great nation?

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