Friday, 26 May 2017


Just when I thought Jeremy Corbyn couldn't get any lower in my expectations, he then blames us & British Foreign policies for the attack in Manchester on Monday, that killed 22 young people.

In essence what Corbyn is doing is giving these murdering, cowardly scumbags an excuse to carry on killing innocence.

He backed the IRA, he's called terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah friends, as well as inviting these homophobic, women hating wank stains into parliament for chats.

Jeremy Corbyn is not a man of peace, nor is he a man who backs Britain.

How can anyone in their right mind, vote for such a despicable, two faced, lying, cowardly, terrorist sympathising wimp such as him?


Again Jeremy today has blamed British foreign policy on terrorist attacks, but here is another way how his point is made redundant.

France, Belgium, and Sweden didn't go into the Iraq war why were they attacked?

Italy, Poland, and Bulgaria did go to either Afghanistan or Iraq and they haven't been attacked, why?

Also, what foreign policy have the Yazidis, Hazaras, and Shiites got to do with ISIS massacring them?

Problem for Corbyn, he has no answers.

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