Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Opposition? What Opposition

What the hell is going on in the Labour Party?

Firstly Jeremy Corbyn doesn't seem to have realised he is now responsible for the second most major political party in the UK, he is no longer a back bench rebel that nobody pays attention to.

His politics politics are now main stream, his decisions are now accountable, and he now has an actual possibly chance of becoming Britain's next Prime Minister (although if the polls are anything to go by he hasn't a hope in hell).

If he can't handle the heat as opposition leader, and he doesn't enjoy his leadership being questioned, how does he think he'd ever cope as Prime Minister?

This isn't Labour's only problem, they've let Ken "Hitler supported Zionism" Livingstone off the hook, and suspended him for a year... woop de do.

Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth isn't happy, and I don't blame her. Firstly Labour DOES have an anti-Semitism problem. During Shami Chakrabarti's Press statement of her "inquiry" into the issue, was less than smooth.

Ruth Smeeth received anti-Semitic bullying during the press statement, and the Labour leader sat by as the Ruth walked out of the room noticeably upset, according to sources she was even crying.

Corbyn, who was at the press statement, sat back and did nothing. The bully was even overheard on camera talking to Corbyn, as they left, saying that he had "outed Smeeth for talking to the Torygraph", again Corbyn had no reaction, other than to smile.

Labour need a new leader, and they need one bad. Jeremy and co seem hell bent on making sure the country is denied having someone holding the government to account, and this is also bad for Tories, not only Labour.

Jeremy may have principles, he may be a nice bloke, but we must all agree that he a shite leader, and that is not good for Britain.

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