Sunday, 30 April 2017

General Election 2017

As Theresa May is making this snap election all about Brexit I found it rather amazing when, today on Andrew Marr's show, two staunch remain campaigners gave one wonderful reason, without realising it, why voting to leave the EU was the best thing Britain ever did.

Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris Johnson, and Owen Jones both agreed on one thing.

The EU doesn't care what people, us voters, want, all they care about is what's good for their pockets.

They both pointed out that last year, when the far left party Syriza in Greece were voted in, the EU didn't care, and when Syriza gave the Greek people a referendum to vote no to harsher austerity measures, the EU carried on regardless of the people's will.

To mean this just strengthens the reasons why 17 million voted to leave the uncaring, undemocratic European Union.

So I thank both remain voters, Rachel and Owen, for giving a bloody good reason why it is best that the British voted to leave, you, for me, have done a better job than any Brexiteer has ever done!

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