Tuesday, 11 April 2017

More, more, more!

Jeremy Corbyn, the man who wants more!

He wants to borrow £500 million, in which he'll build a million news homes (despite the social housing waiting list being 5 million long), "secure our NHS and social care", as well as better funding for the arts.

He also wants to raise corporation tax, and the minimum wage.

Small businesses, like the one I work for, will crumble, as they'll be the ones who'll be expected to foot the £500 million bill, as well as pay more corp tax, and wages.

Jeremy's way of helping? Ensuring there is no such thing as a late payer.

What Jeremy fails to realise is, being paid on time won't help foot the bill of their beloved borrowing, nor will it help to make sure there's enough money in the bank to pay their employees wages, as they'll have to put aside for their every growing corp tax bill.

This means small businesses will have to raise their prices as their wage bill, corp tax and a hefty bill will have to be factored into their yearly forecasts.

When prices rise, this means people will look for the cheapest option, namely large corporations, who won't have to worry as much as small businesses, as their profits are already within the millions, if not billions.

Therefore small businesses will end up bust anyway.

Then again, we shouldn't be surprised at Corbyn's hated for the entrepreneur, the idea that someone wants to be in charge of their own destiny and not have to rely on the state must make his socialist skin crawl!

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