Sunday, 1 May 2016

Labour's Playing A Dangerous Game Of Denial

To deny that Labour has an anti-semitic problem is in itself a major problem, because you'll never effectively eradicate the problem.

For those who are in denial here's a few pointers as to why you do have a huge problem within Labour:

1. Naz Shah saying that Jews should be "transported" as a "solution."

2. Ken Livingstone claiming "Hitler was a zionist." is not only ignorant, but extremely disrespectful to the Jewish people who suffered at the hands of this megalomaniac

3. The NUS having a debate about whether they should recognise the Holocaust or not........ just wow!

4. The leader himself in talks with Hamas, and Hizbollah, who are not only anti-semitic, but sexist, and homophobic.

5. Ken Livingstone accusing a Jewish journalist of being a "German Camp guard criminal."

However, it's quite obvious that the Labour leader, if not agrees with the anti-semitic views, he definitely empathises with them.

Firstly it took 5 hours to suspend Ken Livingstone, why did it take that long?

Secondly, Ken and Jeremy have been friends for decades, I'm pretty sure that Ken expressing these anti-Semitic views didn't come as a huge shock to Jeremy.

Thirdly, Jeremy still appointed Ken as a member of the Nation Executive Committee, knowing that Ken held these views.

Anti-Semitism is a real, huge problem within the Labour party, a problem that laid dormant for many years, but has sadly started to raise it's ugly head again.

To deny this problem is dangerous, to tackle it head on would be the best plan of action, but sadly Labour are doing what they've always done, and are burying their heads in the sand.

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