Friday, 6 May 2016

Remarkable Ruth!

What a leader Ruth Davidson is!

Firstly, she has put Labour into third place, also she managed to stop the SNP from getting an majority, and she is now the official leader of the opposition in Holyrood.

How did she do so well?

She's passionate, she's intelligent, she doesn't use political jargon, she tells it how it is, she is a conviction politician.

Ruth Davidson doesn't take votes for granted, nor does she suffer fools easily, and if there's one thing Nicola Sturgeon didn't want was Davidson lead Tory opposition.

However, the main issue for the Tories is now London, and Zac Goldsmith's pathetic, and rather half arsed campaign.

Firstly, did he ever show any passion? I don't believe he did.

Did he ever show any character? No, and to be fair to Sadiq Khan, he has slightly more personality, and whether people like it or not, a lot of votes do come down to personality, just look at Boris, did people listen to what he had to say, or did they like his personality? I think the latter wins.

Boris Johnson, Ruth Davidson, and even Sadiq Khan, all have a voice, and they want you to hear them, Goldsmith was quiet, shy, and looked like nervous every time he was asked a question, or put to challenge.

Lastly, towards the end of the campaign, the left were able to label him Islamaphobic, not a good look when you're wanting to run England's capital, where 12.4% of the population are Muslim.

However, I think we all knew deep down Zac was never going to win, and Corbyn was never going to bring the "5 million voters."

UKIP's surge in Wales should be a stark warning to them, they're slowly but surely losing the faith of what should be Labour heartlands.

Labour should be asking themselves where they're going wrong, but they won't, they'll do what they've always done, stick their heads in the sand, and hope it all blows over.

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