Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Taxes! Taxes! Taxes!

If we're going to be honest, Cameron did make a right pigs ear (pardon the pun), of the whole offshore account/ dodging taxes.

And whilst we're being honest, Corbyn has made an even bigger mess out of it.

Firstly, yes Cameron did nothing illegal, and paid the right amount of taxes that was asked of him, as every expert in the land has said so.

However, he took it far too personally, and tried to spin it off, and amazingly, he is doing so.

Now it's Corbyn's turn to put under the limelight.

Cameron has published six years of his tax returns, Corbyn has only published one year, and that took him six days to do so.

It also turns out, thanks to The Sun, Corbyn may have tax evaded himself.

Are we going to see a hashtag #resigncorbyn? Nope.

Are we going to have a mass protest outside the Labour leader's home or Labour's HQ? Doubtful.

What about Unite The Union's failure of paying tax? Are we going to protest over that as well?

Even The Guardian tax dodged, are we going to protest outside their HQ?

Are we going to bring to justice, no matter of political stances, the tax dodgers of Britain?

No we are not, because those who are left wing can do as they please, as I've said before "It's OK to live like a capitalist, so long as you talk like a socialist."

Margaret Hodge, Labour MP, tax dodged on £1.5 million.

David and Ed Miliband managed to avoid paying tax on the £5 million inheritance left to them, from their Marxist father Ralph Miliband.

Was there any protests? No

Was there any outrageous hashtags for resignations? No

And yet the left still claim to believe in equality...... my arse they do!

You will never stop tax avoidance, or evasion if you only go after some tax dodgers, you have to go after them all, otherwise, you're fighting a losing battle.... then again the left are used to that.

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