Monday, 7 March 2016

What's Happening To America?

What on earth is happening in America?

Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, & Donald Trump.

Not one of these people is good enough to run a bath let alone the most powerful country in the world.

Let's deal with Donald Trump, who is not only racist, and sexist, he's thick, possibly more thick than George W. Bush, and that's no mean feat!

He hates Mexicans, Muslims, & wants to build walls around America to keep people out.

Does he not know the history of America? That without immigration, he himself would not be an American?

Apparently not.

Then there's Hilary Clinton, who, for different reasons, is just as vile a Trump, but she's sly, and clever, let's face it without Hilary her husband would never have been President!

Ted Cruz... again a more clever version of Trump.

Bernie Sanders is basically Jeremy Corbyn's American counter part (except he hasn't been elected), policies that don't add up,  and uninspiring.

Isn't there any decent American politician out there?

Sadly the days of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are over, no more sensible politics, instead politicians are more worried about their future careers, and their image.....

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