Friday, 4 March 2016

The Failings of Labour Slough Council

Today I met a young apprentice hairdresser.

Charming young man, with ambition, exactly what all political parties are looking for to show case.

However, he told me of a story today that saddened me beyond belied.

He has a young friend of only 16, who got his first job, also as an apprentice hairdresser, you'd think his mum would be proud of her son getting a job at such a young age, and having ambition himself.

Sadly not. Instead this mother tried with all her might to make sure her 16 year old lad didn't get the job, she even rang up the hairdressers to advise them not to give him the job.

However, the hairdressers told her where to go, and he was offered the job, so she chucked him out.

Apparently, through him getting an apprenticeship, she could lose her benefits, so instead of being proud of her son, she threw him out, left him destitute, homeless.

Thankfully, this young man has a very good friend who has a very good family, and they have taken him in.

Also, they contacted the council to let them know of where he was living, and to see if the council, a Labour council, could do anything to house this young man.

They've heard nothing.

Then a stroke of luck, a man was willing to let his flat out, if the council helped...... they declined any help, and again have done nothing to help this young man.

Where's the compassion? Where's the kindness? Where's the caring?

I said "Why don't you contact the Slough MP, Fiona Mactaggart? "

He has, they've heard nothing.

For me this story just sums Labour up perfectly.

They'd rather fund a feckless mother, who would chuck her own child out onto the streets for getting a job, for taking responsibility, for becoming an adult, and standing on his own two feet.

This is just one story, how many other young people who are trying to become responsible are being ignored?

How many other young people are being left on sofas?

So much for the "Kinder, gentler politics" Jeremy Corbyn tried to sell in the beginning.

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