Thursday, 17 March 2016

Budget 2016 - Corbyn Fails Again

It's fair to say George Osborne's budget was very clever indeed, instead of taking the flack Jamie Oliver has taken the limelight off of the government over the Sugar Tax.

However, what is more sorrowful is how Corbyn's response has been largely glazed over.

The papers, and in general, people don't seem to care for his response.

I listened to LBC on the way home last night, and in that time, not one person spoke about Corbyn's response.

Instead those who thought it was unfair and could prove how it was going to effect them, did with gusto.

Others were talking about Jamie Oliver taking the limelight.

Whilst others mentioned how parts of the budget were going to help them.

Again, no one mentioned Corbyn's response, however the news did replay a small section of his response, and it was exactly how you;d imagined it.

So I ask, how bad of an opposition leader do you have to be when no one cares? When people are more interested in a TV Chef's response, rather then your own?

Even Ed Miliband held more courtship than that!

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