Sunday, 15 November 2015


For those who are claiming that the Paris Attacks have nothing to do with Islam are burning their heads in the sand.

Just like the West Boro Baptist church in America, they're interpreting Islam to what they want it to say.

Majority of Christian's believe the Bible is teaching of love, the West Boro Baptist church believes it is teaching of hate.

We largely ignore these Christian extremists, however, ISIS/IS/ISIL are out doing them in the acts of extremism.

Beheading aide workers who have dropped everything to go out there and help people they have never met before, and leave their comforts and loved ones behind.

Crucifying other Muslim men for not being the right type of Muslim, burying women and children alive as they are easy targets.

Raping young girls, marrying young girls, killing young girls.

Brainwashing young men into committing suicide, and killing others in the process.

So if you honestly believe it has nothing to do with religion, you are either burying your head in the sand, or you know deep down your are talking bulls*t.

It's all about interpretation, and their interpretation is a bloody one, that we all have to try and stop.

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