Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Freedom of Speech and Expression

Two reasons why I love this country, we have freedom of speech and expression.

However, we do abuse it when someone does something we don't agree with.

For instance, Jeremy Corbyn's nod of the head on Remembrance Sunday, or non nod of the head should I say?

The Sun went into overdrive about a nod, not about what the occasion stood for, but a nod, and I have to agree with a few people, it's pathetic.

We should be ignoring the politicians, the royal family even, and watching those men and women walk past remembering those who they stood with and were either killed, or who have since died the second world war.

David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, even the Queen should be overshadowed by the remembrance of those who fought for our rights of freedom of speech.

Sometimes the nodding of the head can be seen as a religious act, maybe that is why Corbyn didn't bow as much as they others, but who cares?

Then again, as he is standing to become our next prime minister, we have every right to scrutinise his movements, maybe not a frugally as The Sun, but in a Twitter sort of way.

If people have the right to protest against a government, surely people have the right to criticise the leader of the opposition too?

So, let's all get off our high horses, did Jeremy bow his head enough? I honestly don't care.

Was it wrong of Number 10 to photoshop a poppy onto an old picture of David? I honestly don't care.

Here's what I care about:

"When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today."

Lest we forget.

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