Tuesday, 17 November 2015

How Can Syria Reach A Political Settlement Without A War Mr Corbyn?

Political Settlement, that’s what Corbyn wants to help the people of Syria.

Of course everyone would prefer that, I’m sure even some ISIS members would prefer that, however, that’s not going to happen without the war first.

Let’s take a look at the state of Syria in its current status: 
1.  It’s government, lead by the dictator Assad, is chemical bombing its own peopl
2. ISIS, the rebels, are burying women and children alive, crucifying men for not being correct type of Muslim, and burning people in a medieval fashion.
3.  Boat smugglers are asking for €1000’s to get across to Greece, on unsecure boats, that ended up in the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of women, children, and men.

So out of that mess, how can you come to a political settlement without a war?

How do you stop a barbaric group like ISIS from beheading people like they’re butchers carving a a slice of meat off without fighting them?

How do you stop a brutally evil government from chemical bombing its own people without a war?

How do you stop smugglers from exploiting those genuine refugees from fleeing without a war?

If Mr Corbyn can answers these questions, I’ll hold my hands up and say I am wrong, a war was never needed, but in reality Corbyn himself knows he can’t answer these questions.

Corbyn is living in a dream world, where John Lennon’s Imagine is the national anthem, and we’ve created a utopia.

Well we haven’t, there are tyrant leaders like Kim Jong-un, Raul Castro, Assad, King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Right now our biggest threat is Syria, and the innocent people of Syria deserve our help from both of these atrocities.

Firstly, ISIS need to be taken out, then something has to be done to Assad and his regime, which will hopefully slow the pouring of people fleeing, and risking their lives, and the lives of their children, for Europe.

If Mr Corbyn, or his Stop The War Coalition group, have a solution to all their problems without a war? Please by all means, start sharing, otherwise, stop talking nonsense, and let us get on with it.

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