Wednesday, 5 August 2015

"People Are More Upset About A Dead Lion"

A lot of people are outtraged that there is more sympathy for Cecil the lion, than what there is for the people who are trying to illegally enter the UK.

Here's why.

Today I read in The Mirror that someone, in Paris, tried to bury their dog alive, thankfully another dog walker spotted her, and freed her.

A human being did this, a human being also took the like of a lion just so he could have another picture to hang on his wall, and show off to his friends.

Animals attack us when they feel threatened or hungry, humans attack for nothing but the pleasure of attacking.

The people who have fled to Calais should, by law, stay in France.

France has housing, jobs, benefits, and is buy and large, a safe country, what is the need to come here? Why is Britain so much better off than France?

Is leaving France, really worth your life?

Is Britain that good of a place, that you're willing to risk, not only your own life, but perhaps that of others around you, maybe some children?

Humans are unnecessarily putting their lives at risk, whereas the dog trusted her owner with her life, and was betrayed in the most vile way.

Cecil was lured out of his safe zone, killed, beheaded and skinned, by a human, who did it for fun.

That's why there's more outrage for a lion, or a dog versus what people in Calais are putting themselves through.

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