Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fight! Fight! Fight!

There seems to be a lot of hysteria, at least within Labour, that Jeremy Corbyn has the best chance of winning this Labour leadership election.

He probably does, he's trying to take the party back to the good old days of Michael Foot, and Neil Kinnock.

Not that they were successful years, and as Einstein once said:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

Are those, genuine supporters of Corbyn, who are going to vote for Corbyn expecting him to do differently?

Because of Scotland, do they think the rest of the country will make a turn to the left?

The Tories won the election, why? Because they didn't want a left wing government, Scotland did vote left, and they got left, and from what I can see so far there's only one worth while MP and that's the young Mhairi Black.

But even so England rejected a left wing Scottish involvement, so surely that speaks volumes that England, in particular, didn't want a left wing government?

Apparently not, many of Corbyn's real supporters are determined that England also wants a left wing government..... not sure how they're coming to this conclusion, but they are.

Why is he gaining so much support?

Not sure really, saying he might re-open some old coal mines (Why? What would that achieve?), or the fact that he'll nationalise the railways, but not in the same way as Attlee, he'll put the onus into our hands.... that'll be interesting.

But it's Labour's own infighting I'm finding fascinating. Some of those within Labour genuinely are terrified at the thought of a Corbyn victory.

Journalists like Owen Jones keep saying it's the right who's putting Corbyn down, but there's more hate for him from his own party than what there is from any Tory, or even the Prime Minister, who I'm sure is willing Corbyn to win.

Also listening to Corbyn's supporters, it's like the General Election all over again, not looking or listening to what others have to say.

Tony Blair said "When Margaret Thatcher won, it wasn't because the country wanted a far left Labour Party."

Instead the line they decided to listen to was his stupid, "If your hearts with Corbyn, get a transplant."

The fact that around 30 MPs have already refused to serve under Corbyn in a Shadow Cabinet role, and many are plotting Corbyn's very public political death, should he win, must be a worry for Corbyn and his supporters?

Apparently not.... will they ever learn, doubt it.

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