Monday, 17 August 2015

Has Socialism Ever Really Worked?

Socialism is meant to help those at the bottom of society, and bring them up with the top of society.... or so socialists claim at least.

For many of us on the right, socialism means taxing the rich to the point that they leave the country, or become poor themselves.

For me Conservatism means; You earn it, you keep it.

That means, at least for me, that there's less need to rely on government, there's less need to worry about if the government will slash benefits, or unfairly use you as a point to be made.

Of course we all know not everyone can earn, either because they're a full time carer for a loved one, or they themselves are ill, or because lady luck keeps passing them by (which sadly does happen).

But when I read blogs, tweets, and articles regarding how socialism is for the better, naturally I go to look for examples where it has been implemented, to see if it really has helped those at the bottom of society.

Most famously I think is Russia, the first country to really implement the socialist Marxist ways.

Russia is an awkward one, the country went from a Autocratic Emperor who, although loved his country and people, couldn't see that Russia was behind the times, and wouldn't give up any of his power, nor was he the strongest or smartest of Tsar's to pass through Russia's grand history.

Then when Nicholas II was overthrown, and put into captivity, along with his wife, four daughters, and son and heir, was quickly murdered by those who hated him most, the Bolsheviks.

Who gave that permission, the man who said they would abolish capital punishment, Vladimir Lenin.

A man who had promised "Peace! Land! Bread!"

Peace; to take Russia out of World War 1, which he did..... only to start a civil war.

Land; to allow the slaves to own the land they were working on..... instead he followed in the Tsar's footsteps and took it for himself.

Bread; the slave could eat the food they were harvesting.... again he took a lesson out of the old Tsar's book and took the food for himself, giving out smaller rationings than the Tsar.

Crime was at an all time high, murders were being committed in broad daylight, famines were far worse than under the Tsar, and like the Tsar he had a secret police who spied on people who would be seen as a threat the un-elected dictator.

The Tsar called his police the Okhrana, Lenin called his the Cheka, both killed, maimed, and spied.

Then when Lenin died, Josef Stalin took over. The poor Russian people still were not giving what they were promised.

Stalin has around 34 - 49 million unnatural deaths which can be directly linked to him.

Famines so bad people turned to cannibalism, and after he helped defeat Hitler (who now looks like an amateur) carried on his dirty work!

But unlike Hitler, he didn't go after one specific religion, or race, just anyone who posed as a threat to him, from the poorest of peasants, to those who once stood side by side with him.

And he didn't call them concentration camps, he called them gulags.

Another example is China, another imperialistic country taken over by the thrill of the red flag.

Chairman Mao, what a beast that man is, oppression, repression, and plain old murder, yet where capitalism is king.... hypocrisy runs deep within it's walls.

Or you could look to Cuba, a country that used to have elections, but now has a rather similar system to that of our royal family, the Presidency is passed down generations, from Fidel Castro (leader of the Cuban revolution), to his son Raul Castro neither of which have been elected... ever.

In Socialist Cuba, the poor are still poor, and Castro is living the high life....

So all in all Socialism looks rather bleak, especially if you're at the bottom of the pile.

Capitalism needs to be kept in check, but my god at least it gives you the ladder to climb up out of the gutter, just ask any "socialist" author, journalist, comedian, singer who's had a number one tour/ book.

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