Tuesday, 8 January 2019

How to protest

Over 17 million people voted to leave, and people like Anna Soubry want to overturn this result, inevitably that WILL piss people off, however there are ways of going about it.

Even though you are angry, whether it be at the Tories policies, or Brexit, or the fact Labour is anti-Semitic, here's a few ways of having a protest without losing the argument.

Firstly, do NOT call someone a "Nazi" and verbally abuse them. How is that helping your cause? And what the hell has name calling got to do with why you're protesting?

Secondly, you've now lost the argument. People will NOT listen to the reasons why you're angry, you've crossed a line.

Thirdly, grow up, this is not a playground, act your age not your shoe size.

Lastly, do NOT swing from the cenotaph, again people won't see the reason why you're there, but they will concentrate on your stupid actions.

If you want to protest, by all means go and protest, but don't act like a petulant child.

Organise a protest, organise an online petition, or go round knocking door to door to get signatures, write to your MP, or even the MP who you are opposing stating why you think they're wrong, again try to avoid name calling, once they see that they will not read on, and once again you've lost the argument.

I do not go on protest personally, as I do not think they work. 1 million people marched against the Iraq war, yet it still went ahead.

How many protests were held under the coalition government? How many were listened to?

But I have no objections to them. Absolutely show your anger, but please do it in a grown up manner, this goes for all sides, and any protest.

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