Friday, 23 March 2018

Women Only Shortlists

It's a sad day when the supposedly party of equality, thinks that the only way they could every get a female leader is to have an all women shortlist for the next leader (whenever that should happen).

Harriet Harman must, and all the other female MPs, must feel quite depressed that their party, who's main agenda is equality, can't live up to it itself.

Unlike the Conservatives, who not only have a current female leader, who just also happens to be Prime Minister, but that it is their second female leader and Prime Minister.

Must be a huge slap in the face.

The last leader contest that the Conservatives had, two years ago, had some pretty heavy weight male MP's competing. However when push came to shove, they just weren't good enough to beat Andrea Leadsome, and of course our Prime Minister, Theresa May to the final two.

Theresa May ultimately won because of a blunder Andrea Leadsome made. She made reference to the fact the Theresa May didn't have children, therefore she didn't have a stake in the future. This upset a lot of people because Theresa May couldn't have children, not that she didn't want them.

In this day and age, where we have had two female Prime Minister's, both from the same party, and the opposition struggles to give women a so called "top 5 position" within the Shadow Cabinet, you know there's a problem.

All women shortlists I find rather degrading, it's almost like the Labour Party is saying "you're not good enough, strong enough, or convicting enough to up against a man."

They're putting a plaster over the issue instead of dealing with it head on. It's ignoring the reasons why Labour are unable to vote for a woman.

Until they get their heads around why, perhaps they have't got a female MP with the talent to be a leader, or perhaps there's an underlying issue of misogyny that they have to face, or a mix of both.

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