Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Principles? Where

For a man who has claimed he is a man of principles, Corbyn seems to have dropped them for a small political gain.

The problem he'll find now? The working class Labour leave voters will feel, because they have been, ditched.

Corbyn is trying to kick Theresa May where it hurts, when in actual fact he's kicked himself.... again.

Yesterday was the beginning of the end for Corbyn. No more can he say he's a man of principle, he has turned into, what we in the Conservatives already knew, a true politician.... he's a liar.

No more can he say straight talking after all the u-turns he's done on Labour's Brexit stance.

No more can he say he's got integrity after years, in fact decades of campaigning with the likes of Tony Benn, against the EU.

Corbyn is a snake, he isn't for the many, he's for himself, and yesterdays political stunt was the biggest show of selfishness that has ever been shown by any politician before.

He doesn't care what 17 million people wanted. He thinks he's now going to win the next general election by selling out on his own beliefs.

Instead of "For the many, not the few" slogan, Labour can now have "For myself, and not for you".

What a complete and utter sell out snowflake Corbyn is.

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