Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Oh Dear, Oh Dear Mr Corbyn!

This year has been a turbulent year for politics.

Firstly it started off brilliant for Theresa May, she even managed a 20 point lead in the opinion polls over Corbyn's Labour party.

Whereas for Jeremy Corbyn must have felt like hell.

Then we had the snap election, where Theresa May decided to embark on one of the worst campaign trails ever! Giving away her 20 point lead, and allowing Corbyn to get up to 262 seats, bringing the Tory majority down to a Tory minority government.

And since then there's been a tiny Labour lead in the polls. That was until now.

Once again Theresa May has pipped Labour to take the lead. A tiny lead, but a lead at this juncture is better than anything she, and the Conservative Party could have hoped for.

She's shown her grit in dealing with the EU. Naturally the EU have been nasty, rude, and down right awkward ever since Britain decided to leave their clutches.

Yet, Theresa May has stood firm, sometimes it has seemed to her detriment, but in reality, it's for Britain's future.

Suddenly it seems people are seeing that Labour would allow Britain to roll over, and take what was given, despite what the majority of people want.

Hopefully now, this small lead will get the Tory party back behind her once more, and stop trying to hand a government to what would be the worst disaster to happen to Britain in modern time. Jeremy Corbyn!

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