Thursday, 2 November 2017

Westminster Sexual Harassment

What did I say? O'Mara was just the tip of the iceberg.

Michael Fallon, now ex Defense Secretary, has had to resign over his past actions, and no I doubt it was over touching Julia Hartley-Brewer's knee, it seems that there are other incidents as well.

Labour, by an well known activist Bex Bailey, have been accused of covering up an alleged rape. They told her if she spoke out, it would ruin her career.

Labour and the Tories will be absolutely crucified over these scandals. Neither side can try and score a political point.

Damien Green is now being investigated (deputy PM).

But I have to say, it's not the MP's I am so worried about, it's the Lords. We all know that there's been something dodgy about the House of Lords and their sexual activities have been a source of question for decades.

MP's rightly coming under fire for their misconduct, and rightly being persecuted for it. It has obviously gone on too long unchallenged.

I also worry about false allegations, because these will take away from the real victims.

If someone has touched your knee, that is NOT sexual harassment, it is annoying, it is inappropriate sometimes, but it is NOT sexual harassment.

If someone has called you "love", or "darling", or "hun", again this is not always derogatory, and when it is, I find the easiest way is to kill it with kindness, but amazingly I get that language mainly from women, not men.

However on the odd occasion when a man has said it in a derogatory way, I laugh them off.

So please do not take away from the real victims, such as Bex Bailey, or other victims who have genuinely suffered because a political party doesn't want their name being tarnished.

Once again, neither Labour nor the Tories can throw stones, both are in glass houses when it comes to this scandal, and quite rightly both parties should be brought over the coals for covering up such disgusting behaviour!

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