Monday, 6 March 2017

10 Issues Corbyn Only Has To Blame Himself For

I thought I'd do a quick blog on why you can't blame the Mainstream Media, or Tony Blair, or even the "moderate" MP's who tried to overthrow Corbyn, for all the bad views the general public have on him.

1. Most recently (yesterday), Jeremy Corbyn Published his tax return. Brilliant..... Well it would have been had he actually declared all of his earnings that year. It was missing teh £40K salary he earns as Labour leader. You have to remember no one asked to see it, this is what's called an "own goal."

2. "Mao's little red book." Said John McDonnell in a return speech to the then Chancellor George Osborne. That's right taking the mick out of 60 million deaths is the way forward..... Did no one in the Labour leadership team not think twice about that gag? No?

3. The Copeland by-election loss. Not only did Labour lose the seat they'd held since the 1930's, but they lost it to the Tories, a sitting government. This hasn't happened in over a century. Why did Labour lose? Well there has been a downward spiral of support for Labour in Copeland, however the final straw was most likely the Labour leaders stance on Nuclear Power that hammered in the last nail.

4. Not singing the national anthem at an event where you're honoring those who've died for our freedom. There's a time and a place to take a political stance, this was not one of them.

5. His performances at PMQ's are hardly inspiring, first relying solely on the public for questions, then missing wide open goals the Tories have very kindly left him.

6. The so called "re-branding" at the beginning of the year was, how shall I put it, a disaster! Firstly there was an NHS Crisis going on, but of course self preservation comes first, and he managed to completely f*ck it up! "We have a new policy" in the morning, by the afternoon "we have an idea for a new policy."

7. "I will unite the party!" Was won of his winning sayings during the first Labour leadership election. Since then he's had mass resignations, MP's defying his authority (sharing platforms with the Tories over the EU Ref, and voting with the government on airstrikes over Syria which included his own Shadow Foriegn Minister), and an attempted coup to over throw him as leader, which failed spectacularly

8. The EU referendum! We all know deep down Corbyn is a leaver, and Boris Johnson a remainer, however one was more convincing than the other. Leave obviously won, not because of Corbyn's lack of enthusiasm for the EU, but I am sure that didn't help matters.

9. Can anybody name me a Labour policy? One that McDonnell or others haven't contradicted the Labour leader over?

10. His past has come up to bite quite severely on the bum! His close links with the ex IRA leaders hasn't gone down well, especially when majority of those who join the British army are working class. As well as calling terrorist organisations like Hamas, and Hezbollah "friends" and inviting them to parliament for discussions, because that'll stop them killing gays, and stoning women who've been raped, to death!

So there you have it, in no particular order, 10 faults that lie solely at the feet of Jeremy Corbyn.

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