Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Nonexistent Opposition

Ed Miliband was quite pathetic as an opposition leader, however on the odd occasion he did manage to upset the Tories and the coalition government.

1. Air strikes on Syria, he managed to win the No votes, the government lost.

2.  He took advantage of the Lib Dems failing to stand up for, or persuade the Tories to not up tuition fees

3. He managed to get Labour beating the Tories in the polls.

Whereas Jeremy Corbyn has never been ahead of the Tories in the polls, lost the vote to not have air strikes over Syria, and is unable to take advantage of when the government is going through a rough period, such as when he failed to slam the Tories on the NHS crisis.

The NHS was in a crisis situation, what did Jez and his media team (lead by his ever faithful friend Seumas Milne),  decided to promote........ Labour's new policy on capping how much you can earn.

The only time he mentioned the NHS was when prompted by a journalist, and the only time he put any sort of "pressure" on the government was in a single statement calling for Theresa May to go back to parliament, naturally she ignored his statement and carried on as normal.

Not only did Jeremy fail to put pressure on the government when they were at their weakest, he had an awful time explaining his new policy.

In the morning it was made in stone (not Ed's), the afternoon it was just an idea.

But the badness doesn't stop there, Diane Abbott today went on The Marr Show on BBC 1, and when asked about how Labour will whip Article 50,  her answer "I cannot tell you".

Few weeks ago Tom Watson, Labour's deputy leader, told another journalist that it was "unfair to ask" him on what Labour's stance was on Brexit.

Again the pain doesn't stop there, not so long ago "moderate" Labour MP Tristram Hunt quit as a Labour MP which has forced a by election, this has given UKIP's newly elected leader, Paul Nuttall, an opportunity to stand, and it looks more promising for him than the new Labour candidate.

As well as Corbyn's checkered history as Labour leader, for his Shadow Chancellor deciding to use Chairman Mao's "little red book" as a gag at the Tories which immensely back fired.

Or his closeness with the IRA and it's ex leader Gerry Adams.

Or his PLP meeting as leader, which resulted in one MP telling the papers it was a "fucking shambles", and Jess Philip's telling Diane Abbott to "Fuck off."

Jeremy is not a leader, and in staying in as the leader of the opposition he is denying the country of one majorly important thing; bring the government to account.

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