Saturday, 7 January 2017

Rich and dumb

A Tory donor has claimed he won't be one any longer if Theresa May takes us out of the Single Market.

Now I have no qualms with rich people, in fact I would rather like to become one!

However, I do take a problem when they think they and their money is far more important  than the will of the people. 17 million people to be more precise.

It's people like this Tory donor (I haven't bothered to learn his name) who give Tories, like me, a bad name. This donor is the stereotypical Tory, so stereotypical in fact that he would give fictional character Alan B'Stard a run for his money!

By all means be a donor to whatever party you see fit, but don't try and out do the will of the British people, firstly it makes you look like a pompous, self-centred, arsehole that he most likely probably is.

If you don't want to be part of a party because they're listening to the will of the people, then don't broadcast it, not only do you lose any sympathy people who voted to remain might have had, you become public enemy number one, and there are enough politicians to take that place without you joining them.

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