Thursday, 1 September 2016

My Friend Claire

Dear Claire,

10 years ago today you died. 10 years ago!!

I can still remember that Thursday, a couple of hours before you passed, coming to see you like it was yesterday.

Even though it was obvious you were dying, you were all skin and bone, yet it still came to me as a shock that you died..... then again I've never been that quick have I?

Do you remember the time when, after suffering 3 different bouts of cancer in your left lung, the doctors removed it? Do you remember me coming with your parents to visit you? Do you remember what you were doing, 12 hours after surgery? Tripping other kids up with your drip!!!

You were such a nutter!

Do you remember when me and you downed a bottle of vodka before that particular operation, and you threw up in my kitchen?

Do you remember that helicopter ride?

Do you remember us all getting you into trouble at school so that the teachers treated you like they did us..... with contempt!

Do you remember fake crying at WGS because one teacher wouldn't let you go two minutes early, even the "it" girls stood up for you!

Anyway enough of the past, I thought I would bring you up to date with what's been going on!

Well some of the crew are mother's and or father's! Can you believe, some of our lot have made people!! Amazing I know!

Others have worked since we left school, whilst others went to uni.

Some of us are aunties or uncles, it's great because you can hand them back.

I did a sky dive for Helen and Douglas House five years after you passed. They treated you and your family so well I couldn't not do something for them.

Others have tattoos in memory of you, so you are literally a part of them.

You'd be turning 27 in two weeks time..... 27!!! How quick has it gone from childhood to adulthood? Too quick!

Anyway I'm going to let you go, as I am sure you're busy stalking Eminem, I'll be at your grave with a few of us later.

See you soon


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