Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Let's Set The Record Straight

Immigration is a key issue today.

Labour's leader Jeremy Corbyn, has said he won't put any controls on the amount of immigrants entering Britain, despite the fact that we've just voted to leave the EU, with one of the main reasons being high uncontrolled levels of immigration.

Good to see you're listening Jez!

Anyway, there seems to be a myth, or an attempt by the left to put words in people's mouths.

For instance, a lot of them say we're angry at the actual immigrants entering our country.

We're not, we're angry at the government, whether it be the last Labour govt, or the Cameron led Tory govt, but for me my anger is especially directed at Labour.

Labour opened our borders to anyone and everyone, with no set limits.

Labour sent out "search parties" for more and more immigrants to come work and live here.

Labour failed to build the required infrastructure to accommodate these people, from housing, to schools, and hospitals, they didn't build enough.

Labour failed to make sure our economy was stable enough to keep on taking in the levels of immigration that we were receiving by ignoring leading economics about the 2008 crash, and carried on spending, and borrowing.

So no, I am not angry at an asylum seeker who's just come from the war torn Middle East.

Neither am I angry at someone who just wants a better life, which is something we should be able to offer.

I am angry at the uncontrolled levels of immigration, the uncontrolled borders of who may be entering or leaving our country.

I am angry that our governments would rather please everyone else, but not the people who voted for them.

I am angry that both Labour and the Tories seem to want to stick their fingers in their ears, automatically call us racists, and assume we're xenophobic because it suits their cause far better, than to listen to us, their employers.

I am angry that the left assume they know the reasons of our concerns without actually asking.

Please stop assuming and start listening, otherwise you'll anger a lot of people which is a dangerous emotion to be ignoring.

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