Sunday, 3 July 2016

Why I Am Backing May

I like Theresa May, and here's why:

Firstly she managed to deport Abu Qatada, an extremist Islamist hate preacher, who Labour would have kept.

She didn't deport Gary McKinnon, an autistic hacker, who Labour would have deported to the USA, only to see him commit suicide.

For those saying she has failed on immigration figures, anyone would, the last Labour government set everyone else up for fools.

They were given seven years by the EU to set a quota on how many EU migrants the UK would except, they didn't set any, so when immigrants from Arabic or Asian countries come over, and get the EU membership at France, Romania, Germany, Belgium, of course we had/ have to accept them.

So anyone who would have won in the 2010 general election would have been set up for a fool.

She didn't allow the use of water cannons, and lets be honest, in Britain majority of protests, strikes that take place are pretty peaceful, very rare nowadays do we see violence, because the people using these protests as ways of letting the government know we are angry, don't want to be branded as vandals.

She stopped two extreme American Islamaphobes from entering the UK in 2013 saying that they would not be "conductive to the public good."

She has been a brilliant Home Secretary, she has more balls than all the men in the front Tory bench put together, and she is a woman of principal.

One more thing, I don't care how she voted in the referendum, I don't care if she changed her mind along the way, all I care about is the person best fit for the job, and in my opinion, Theresa May is the best.

She's tough but fair, open yet stubborn, this is something we need right now.

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