Thursday, 7 July 2016

What The F*ck Is Happening?

Inequality is not a word I like to use, especially in 21st Century.

Today Andrea Leadsome has said she was against gay marriage because it "hurt Christians."

Speaking as a Christian, it hasn't hurt me, in fact, I doubt that God would would be that upset either.

Firstly, there are bigger problems than two people of the same sex getting married going on the world.

One of them being racism, and in America, racism against black people is rife, and it's angering me beyond belief.

Now I am not one for going along with a hashtag, but #BlackLivesMatter is something people around the world should take notice of, especially when it comes to the treatment of black people in the USA.

In two days US cops have gunned down and killed two black men, for no apparent reason, and their horrific deaths have been filmed.

Firstly Alton Stirling, who was shot and killed for what looks like nothing. I have watched the video of his death, there was no need for the gun to be pulled, let alone for the police officer to pull the trigger at point blank range.

Now Philando Castile. A man who was shot by other police officers whilst his girlfriend sat next him, and she filmed the whole thing.

What was he shot for? Again, nothing.

Last year we saw the deaths of Sandra Bland, who was pulled over for a minor traffic offence, the police officer pulled a gun on her, and took her in to be questioned, not sure why as wasn't acting defensively, not until she had a gun in her face at least.

Sandra Bland, according to the official reports, "committed suicide", a strong headed, seemingly rather wise lady killed herself in custody.... doesn't add up to me.

Then there was Walter Scott, who was pulled over because his brake light wasn't working, the police officer shot him five times fatally, Scott was unarmed, and only 50 years old.

Eric Garner, 43 years old, who may or may not have been selling cigarettes illegally, was strangled to death, in the video you can hear him say "I can't breathe", the police officer choked Garner until he died, what for? Again, nothing.

Freddie Gray, who's death sparked the Baltimore riots last year, was 25 year old, who died in police custody, he was initially arrested for illegally carrying a switchblade.

Now by all means, arrest him, but why is he now dead? He was apparently, this is eye witness testiments, beaten with "batons" and his leg pulled backwards as well as one officer kneeling on Gray's neck with his knee.

Michael Brown was only 18 when a police officer shot and killed him. Seven shots. All to do with petty theft.

These sorts of things I believe God would take an issue, with, not two people in love saying I do.

The level of inequality I see growing again bothers me, especially with the rise of politicians like Donald Trump who is an out and open racist, and proud of it.

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