Monday, 5 October 2015

#CPC15 Protests

It's odd, but when I saw some of same protestors from yesterday, this morning, I had a little respect for them.

They were obviously that passionate about whatever they were shouting about, they came back a second day........ this respect was quickly diminished.

Firstly yesterdays incident where a protestor spat in a journalists face. Why? What did you achieve by doing this? What was gained from you spitting in someones face?


Today, as I left the main area to be somewhere else, a protestor decided to follow me down the road a bit, his face half covered, his eyes bulging wide, shouting in my face:

"Get out Tory scum. This isn't your city. You are not welcome here. Now fuck off Tory scum."

Firstly, no, I won't fuck off, but please feel free to do so yourself any time.

Secondly, what did you achieve by getting in my face? Are you proud that you intimidated me? 

The answer is, yes he probably is proud. They say they care, but that only means to the ones who agree with them, not those who have differing opinions.

God forbid we live in a society where people are allowed to have their own opinions.

They say they have their right to protest, which they do, but I'm not allowed to disagree with what they're protesting against (is what I was told yesterday).

I was also told that because I didn't march with them, that made everyone who did march a kinder person.

What did the march achieve? No one can actually answer me.

When I said how many lives have they managed to actually help and turn around, no one can answer, instead I get, "You don't have to be poor to stand up for them."

Absolutely not, but how many lives have you helped? None is normally the answer.

See, I can say I been part of a process which has helped quite a few people. In the small company I work for, I've seen people join as boys, who are not academic, a few have even found it difficult to spell their own name, but with our help, they've earned money, got a skill, gained experience, and achieved a qualification.

A private company, who apparently only cares for profits, has helped at least 15 young men turn their lives around.

Paid for their education, and paid them whilst they're learning.

The state had all but abandoned them when it was obvious they were not academics, and was more than ready to take them on, and keep paying out the dole.

How many of these protestors can say they've managed to help someone like my company?

How many protestors have seen people join as boys, and watch them grow into men?

How many protestors have given someone that chance to turn their life around?

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