Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Calamity Corbyn

It's fair to say Corbyn has not had a easy ride in his first month as Labour leader.

Who's to blame? No one but Corbyn himself.

Yes, yesterday he had a pretty good Prime Ministers Questions, he held his own, and had follow up questions, but as Dan Hodges (of the Telegraph) tweeted.

"We have now reached the point where the leader of the opposition actually managing to ask a follow up question merits praise."

It's not a great start.

But this isn't Corbyn's only calamity.

He and his Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, have managed to upset majority of the Labour MPs by u-turning on the Chancellor's fiscal chart.

At the conference, McDonnell said they would back Osborne's fiscal chart, only to tell his MP's during a Parliamentary Labour Party meeting, that they are would now NOT be backing the Chancellor.

This angered some MPs to storm out, one claiming the meeting was a "total f*cking shambles."

Another claimed, "huge joke."

Not a good start their either.

Some of the Corbynista's were perplexed as to why the MPs were so enraged by this sudden change of heart.

Now, it's not because he u-turned, it's how he did it, last minute dotcom, not consulting anyone before hand that their might be a change of heart, just one meeting, telling them what to do.

16 MP's abstained, 37 failed to turn up, the rest voted against in vain, George Osborne had a comfortable win, and the fiscal chart has been past through the House of Commons with a majority of 62.

Corbyn also has had to deal with his past, closely linked with the IRA, and friend's with the IRA's ex leader Gerry Adams.

Again, Corbynista's try to make it come across as he was talking to them for peace talks, because we're going to believe that?

Also, his words have come back to bite him, inviting members of Hamas and Hezbollah, known terrorist groups, to talk in the House of Commons, and calling them "friends."

Not only has been Corbyn who's had his own words come and haunt him, McDonnell has his fair share too.

Saying if he could go back in time, he'd have assassinated Thatcher, and said that those actions of the IRA merited awards.

All this in less than a year, makes Ed Miliband look quite competent.

Calamity Corbyn is Labour's future? Oh dear oh dear.

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