Thursday, 3 September 2015

Too Little Too Late

In the last parliament the coalition government gave the House of Commons a vote on whether to intervene in Syria or not.

I remember, and I am guilty of this, feeling quite proud of those who voted against doing something, as all I could imagine was another Afghan/ Iraq/ Libya moment.

Maybe we all acted to hastily, as now our front pages are filled with the picture of a poor child who has drowned whilst trying to escape the perils of Syria.

Labour, the main instegators behind voting against intervention, was quite proud of itself, I would how they feel today?

After seeing the picture of the toddler who washed up dead on a Turkish beach, do they still feel proud that they won something against a Tory PM?

Do they feel proud that we had a chance, now it's too late?

Do they feel proud that all we can offer now is, for those who survive at least, a room to each family who does eventually make it over here?

That whilst they were in power they decided to NOT build enough adequate housing, now creating this housing crisis this problem.

That whilst they were in pwoer they didnt build enough schools, creating this shortage of placements families are now faced with too.

Labour should have done a lot in the last 20 years, now all they can do is hope a Conservative Prime Minister actually does do what they should have 10 years ago.

Instead of palling up to George Bush, they should have been building, instead of searching for more immigrants to come to the UK, they should have been building.

Instead of worrying about Deidre in Coronation Street, they should have been building.

Too little, too late from Labour, as per usual.

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