Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Self Employed & The Left

Lately the left has been trying to win over the self employed..... good luck.

Firstly, when you're proposing the Robin Hood Tax will not be a winning formula.

If they're already struggling, as the left are proposing, taxing the self employed more and more only to give it back to them at a smaller rate will not be helping them out.

This proves just how illiterate the left really are.

The self employed, and small to medium businesses will suffer under a far left wing government such as what Corbyn and McDonnell are proposing.

In fact the self owned business that I work for will more than likely cease to exist under a Corbyn lead government.

We pay our taxes, we pay our due, we do not use any schemes that help us out of paying taxes, unlike some people who say they believe in paying higher taxes, then it turns out they got their wife to go bankrupt so he didn't have to pay as much tax (Martin Freeman).

It is small businesses, and the self employed people who give those who have been so badly let down by the state a chance to move on in life.

It companies like mine who pay people to not only learn on the job, but to get an education, a qualification, a skill.

We need help, not hindrance, we need support, not destroying, and Corbyn and McDonnell will only destroy us, they will never champion us.

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