Monday, 4 May 2015

Reasons Not To Vote Labour

As you all know I'm no Labour fan, and here's why I'm not, and I don't they're worth voting for:

1. Global financial crisis. 

When in 2008 Labour saw the looming crisis edging towards us, they didn't slow their spending, & they didn't put any more regulations on the banks.

Instead they carried on as normal, spending excessive amounts of public money, and letting the bankers get away with it scot free.

2. Immigration.

According to Labour's dark Lord, Peter Mandleson, they sent out search parties for more immigrants to come here.

What they didn't do was build the houses to accommodate these people, or make sure that they wouldn't be exploited for cheap labour.

3. War.

In 2002 two million people took to the streets of London to protest against invading Iraq. 

They didn't listen, in fact Ed Miliband was Gordon Brown's advisor at the time, so either he wasn't very good at advising or they both knew morals had to take a ba k burner just so Brown could become our unelected Prime Minister.

4. Employment.

Or unemployment, has always been higher at the end of every Labour government than what it was when they entered. (Though don't Chuka Umuna he doesn't accept this fact).

During 2 different financial crisis's Labour managed to get unemployment figures up to 2.5 million people.

5. Zero Hour Contracts.

A few times Labour had promised to rid zero hours, despite there being more people for it than against. And 62 Labour MPs use them, including Milibands own constituency.

6. Europe.

Ed doesn't care for your opinion on this, he wants to stay and that's that. No vote, no democratic say for us, no voice to be heard, he really doesn't care.

7. Equality.

Labour believe in equality so much that they all women shortlists, and recently had a rally where women were segregated from the men, & have a pink bus travelling up and down the country to talk to women.

They also brought out a separate manifesto for black people and other minorities!

Labour's hypocrisies know no boundaries, they constantly hit new lows day after day.

Ed says they won't waste money, yet used money people have sent in to support their campaign to make a stone tablet with their main policies on.

Please, please don't vote for them. They will ruin this great nation with their pals up in Scotland.

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