Sunday, 10 May 2015

Labour Are The Definition of Hypocrisy & Hatred

Since Thursdays "shocking" result of a Conservative majority, the left really have proved just how much hate they have.

Firstly yesterday's riots, or "protest" where they defaced the womens war memorial.

"Tory Scum" sprayed on the side in red.

Others complaining that the Tories are governing on less than 37% of the vote, but fail to mention the fact that Labour governed on less than 36% of the vote between 2005 and 2010.

Blair is once again a heroic word, after 8 years of it being a swear word.

They say they're the peoples party, but don't want to give the people a say on the EU. Apparently that would be dangerous (basically they don't trust us).

They say they don't like zero hour contacts but have 62 MPs employ people on it.

Almost everyone on the left wants to.blame Murdoch for the Tories winning, because the left honestly and truly believe that we, the electorate, cannot make an informed decision for ourselves. We can only go on by what the headlines are saying.

The left don't give us enough credit, and often take voters for granted, as they did in Scotland, helping the SNP surge.

Labour can't see their part in English resentment towards the SNP surge. For 13 years you could be any nationality but English. If you were English you were only allowed to say British.

Labour lost because of themselves, not because of Murdoch or anyone else. They need to look inwards, not outwards when it comes to blaming anyone.

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