Friday, 8 February 2019

Anti-Semitism: When Will It End?

I am genuinely finding it terrifying that there are people out there, being blatantly anti-semitic, and yet are somehow getting away with it.

The Labour leadership's words mean nothing on the matter, because their lack of actions are speaking a heck of a lot louder!

It recently watched on Netflix a series called Hitler's Circle of Evil, and in that it explained how strongly the Nazi's hated the Jewish people, and how they slowly made anti-semitism the norm.

It feels like some parts of the Labour membership, as well as the Labour leadership, are trying to do the same thing.

However, unlike the Nazi's, Labour are thankfully not in a power.

For those denying that anti-semitism is a problem within Labour are either being deliberately blind, ignorant or are unknowingly (or knowingly) taking part the act itself.

What has Labour done to combat the problem? Nothing, despite John McDonnnell's words on Radio 4 the other day, in which he protested that Labour are doing something about it, what it was they were doing he never actually said (because it's nothing).

Luciana Berger, a Jewish Labour MP, is facing a no-confidence vote, therefore a deselection, from her constituency, McDonnell is trying to dress this up as "It's not because of anti-semitism, it's because she's been talking about a new party."

Labour, under the current lot, she never be allowed near the government, not only are they useless with numbers, they're openly racist.

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