Friday, 20 October 2017

What Weasels!

How snake like of not only the EU, but Corbyn.

Both parties are trying to undermine Theresa May. What, Corbyn especially, isn't realising is, that if he does undermine her, he undermines us, the people who'll have to deal with the consequences, and that'll be the end of his career.

We're not stupid, we can see what stupid games the EU are playing, and remain voters can't help but think that the sun shines out of the unelected EU President's French backside.

Firstly, why does the EU want to meet a man with absolutely no power? What do they think they'll achieve? Absolutely nothing, because that is what he is.

Secondly, what did Corbyn think he could actually do, other than make Britain look pathetic? Corbyn has the Midas touch, however instead of turning everything into gold, Corbyn turns everything to sh*t.

The fact that he thought he could enhance anything is beyond hilarity, and the fact that he thought that the EU actually cared for what he had to say is sad.

The EU were using him, he was also using them, but sadly for him, Corbyn's is the one who's been rear-ended, not the Prime Minister.

People are laughing at him, not May.

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